Simsona Steel Detailing Training

This course includes the training in Tekla Structure software that is provided by industry experienced professionals and you will have opportunity to work on real world projects. Qualified candidate will be hired by Simsona Engineering Pvt Ltd. upon completion of course requirements.


HSC (Science),
B.Sc. (Science),
Diploma / Degree in Civil / Mechanical Engineering.
Mechanical / Civil Draughtsman.

Students from other academic backgrounds with an interest and inclination in Engineering and construction and visualization abilities may be considered for this course.

How to Apply:

Download the application from our website, fill out the application, attach photograph, and attach all the photocopies of your mark-sheet.

Submit form with fees to Manager/Training Dept:

The Form will be accepted in our office with the payment of First Installment Fees as indicated below:

Fees: In Rupees (Cash):

Course Fees: Rs. 50,000
First Installment: Rs 25,000 (On or before June 24, 2011)
Second Installment: Rs 25,000 (Due August 1, 2011)

Fess: In US Dollars (Money Order/Cheque/Draft):
The Form will be accepted with the payment of First Installment Fees in form of Money Order/ Cashier Cheque/ Demand draft in favour of "Simsona Corp".

Course Fees: $ 1,100 (US Dollar)
First Installment: $550 (On or before June 24, 2011)
Second Installment: $550 (Due August 1, 2011)

There are limited seat and will be assigned on first come, first served basis.

Week 1 - Introduction to General Steel Detailing:

This week we will provide students knowledge about the steel detailing and uses. This session includes training that will introduce about the member type and their properties.

Week 2 - Introduction to Tekla Modeling tools & Command:

This week we will provide students knowledge about TEKLA modeling tools and commands. This session includes training that will allow students to create new model, learn about menu and screen layouts. Students will learn how to enter project properties, open and save single or multi user models, create 3D views of models and display its properties, place grid and grid properties, set work area, create elevation and plan views, learn commands for input points, steel members input including Beam/Column/Twin Profiles/Plates, move/copy/mirror models. Our instructor will provide hands on training and will allow students to practice.

Week 3 - Introduction to Steel member and Bolt:

This week we will provide students knowledge about the member, bolt and welding. This session includes training that will introduce about the steel items ((column, beam, brace, truss, etc.), bolt and type and their uses.

Week 4 - Basic Tekla Modeling:

At the start of week two students will revisit the commands learned in week 2. Training for this week will include creating new models as per sample drawings, creating single line grids. Students will learn to use the clip panes, object/assembly command, dimension check using measuring tools and completion of the model. Students will be given the opportunity to prepare models on their own based upon new set of sample drawings provided to them.

Week 5 - Introduction Joint details:

This week we will provide students knowledge about the joints detail between concrete to steel (Anchor bolt, Embed and Bearing plate) and steel to steel (Shear tab, Clip angle and End plate) bolted and welded.

Week 6 - System Components and Applying Macros:

This week students will learn about component catalogue, basic common components properties, how to create default view of components, base plate components and Anchor bolts, bracing components. Students will continue from previous check and learn new skills that will include clash check of the model, inquire about assembly, part, bolts and welds and misc. components those includes built-up section, stiffeners, cap plate, etc. and also learn very important detailing commands such as Fitting/Line Cut/ Polygon cut/Part cut and also adding welds and its properties. They will learn to create model as per sample drawing.

Week 7 - Introduction Stair & Handrail and Ladder:

This week we will provide students knowledge about the Stair & Handrail and ladders and applying the same in tekla modeling.

Week 8 - Creating Custom Components and Advanced modeling and Numbering:

Students will learn to place bolts in the model and selecting properties. Customer component such as Detail/Connection/Seam/Part will be practiced. Base plate and End plate custom component creation will be also introduced in this session. Concepts of numbering and numbering settings will be explained. Creation of various reports will be explained and practiced as it is important part of steel detailing.

Students will create a new model as per drawing and learn to add Purlins using parametric profiles, set sloping work plane, add pipe bracing and connections, define numbering series, apply numbering either full or modified, perform checking of numbering using various reports, run numbering and perform Clash and model check.

Week 9 - Introduction about Welding, Paint and Erection safety roles:

This week we will provide students knowledge about type of shop and field welding, paint and surface preparation, Erection safety roles.

Week 10 - Principles of Drawings and GA drawings, Assembly, Single and Multi Drawings:

This is the final week of TEKLA training where students will learn integration between model & drawings, types of drawings, drawing list preparation, creation of GA drawings, creating Anchor bolt plans, three level drawing editing properties, editing GA drawings, views from model and from drawings. Students will also learn creating assembly, single part and multi drawings and properties, updating/revising drawings.

Week 11 - Revisions/Recap:

This week we will provide students have get chance to revise and clear the doubts.

Week 12 - Testing and Certification:

At the start of week 12 students will be given a real world project where they have to show their Modeling, Checking, Editing skills along with techniques leaned in both Tekla and AutoCAD. Students will finish their project at the end of 12th week. The final project will be reviewed by the instructor and Chief Engineer at Simsona. Upon completion of this test students will be awarded certification in Steel Detailing. Qualified candidates will be hired by Simsona at the end of course if students show a willingness to work for Simsona.

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Course duration: 12 weeks

Certifying Body: Simsona Corp (USA)

Next Session Starts: July 1, 2011

Training location in India

Simsona Institute of Steel Detailing
4 Defence Colony Market 1st Floor
New Delhi - 110024

Head Office:
Simsona Corp
301 Halex Hill Court
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Phone: 001-301-408-8553

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